Welcome to MY 2020 Store.

About Me

     My name is Rod Mosby, business owner, former rapper, basketball skills trainer, father, husband, dog lover, computer repairman etc, lol.  I began working towards some form of success while attending ASU Beebe.  While working on obtaining my bachelor's degree, I not only dreamed of being a hip hop star . . . . . but began recording music at a professional studio named Dog House Studios in Little Rock.  My stage name was Muniklip (pronounce "money clip").  As a teen, I bought karaoke machines and swapped out tapes to mix vocals and create instrumentals.

      After teaching for a short stint, I realized that the classroom wasn't for me.  I knew I loved basketball growing up admiring Michael Jordan, and from that point on I began to coach intramural and pee wee basketball teams and study the mechanics of the game.  While developing my basketball IQ, I continued to pursue my music career by releasing my first album entitled "Gut Check" and performed overseas in Bahrain in 2007 and 2012 under my record label, Single R Records.  In the US I collaborated with other underground artists from various states.  Film editing, graphic design and website development became a hobbies of mine, so I began shooting basketball instructional videos as well getting paid to produce music videos, CD covers and promos for other artists.

     I studied the shooting techniques of many great NBA and college players and developed my own method of shot mechanics instruction.  As a member of CoachUp, I was ranked #3 among trainers in Arkansas.  I created 2020 Sports simply because I loved the show 2020.  I'm always trying to learn something new and strive to become a successful businessman like my idol, MJ.  I'll keep it real.  I've held clinics with no one showing up and clinics with only two people showing up.  Hey, that's life.  I love it though because I can have an impact someone's basketball career!  It's important to give back so that someone else can be successful. 

    I hope you feel like you know me a little better.  Now it's time to grab some of that awesome merchandise I designed!