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2020 Sports: Basketball Skills Training with Coach Rod

 1-on-1 and group skills training, as well as 1 day shot mechanics camps offered by 2020 Sports official trainer, Coach Rod Mosby .  Contact me via call/text (501 724 4424) or email (rod@jordanmoves.com).  

  • Top 5 Coachup Trainer in Arkansas
  • Member or Ihoops & AAU
  • Former Division II Player & Junior College Intramural Player, Coach, and Championship Team Member
  • Jump Shooting Specialist
2020 Sports is a basketball training company that teaches players the proper fundamentals and skills needed to take their game to the next level.

Coach Mosby takes pride in the development of each athlete, giving them the tools they need to succeed on the basketball court. The goal is to install our players with the proper discipline and work ethic needed to overcome the challenges they will encounter on and off the court.

I teach players not to settle for good, but rather aim for greatness, giving them the ultimate shot for success. I help players grasp the concept that greatness isn't based on talent, size, or skill, but rather the mentality to outwork the competition. I help athletes develop a hunger and a passion to become better students of the game and life.